Diana Moore Photographer
Photo by Jodie Tsekrekas

Diana Moore is a freelance photographer in New England specializing in nature-based portraiture, particularly of yoga and fitness professionals, as well as artists with an artist’s eye.  When she’s not capturing the essence of her subjects via portraiture, she spends time traveling around natural wonders and photographing people, landscapes, and places, in pursuit of compelling images. Her love of travel photography takes her to natural settings both domestically and abroad. She chronicles her adventures in her blog. 

Diana’s photography is driven by her innate curiosity and deep appreciation for people, their stories, and the natural environment. She is drawn to photography because it is a form of artistic storytelling, where stories are revealing about a person’s life, or instructive about a place or thing. People desire to share their life experiences, their “story.” Stories connect us to each other and offer us a glimpse into a person’s life, or teach us about another culture, or enhance our appreciation for nature. Photography is a beautiful, humanistic art. It is story crafting without words. It is the artistic expression of light. It fosters a connection to the world around us.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Diana obtained her BA degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, her MS degree from Drexel University, and her PhD from Nova Southeastern. 

Diana enjoys producing photography for non-profit organizations to help organizations raise awareness for their cause. Her other interests include writing, travel, running, hiking, yoga, natural wellness, and kayaking. She currently resides in Concord, New Hampshire with her son.



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